A Wake of Vultures


Mary Earnshaw

Fossil-hunters, murder & mystery – a cracking combination! Set against a vividly painted African landscape, with walk on parts for the wildlife, the cast features a roguish Romeo, filthy capitalists, eccentric officials – and Lizzie Lamb, professor, bone expert and sometime sleuth. It all begins with an innocent little walk in the park and now...

Professor Lizzie Lamb's in big trouble. Last year she dug up the jawbone of a rare, ancient human in a remote African valley now the vultures of the fossil-hunting world are flying in, circling around Lizzie and the team of archaeologists, desperate to find more. One of the first fossil hunters to arrive is murdered. Was the ancient jawbone behind the death? Was it a crime of passion gone wrong? Or was the dead man mixed up in something altogether more disturbing and dangerous?

The murder is just the beginning. As a wave of crime threatens to engulf the isolated valley, Lizzie is determined to stop it in its tracks.

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